What is SRI!

Vartman Pithadhishwar Anant Shri Vibhushit Param Pujya
Swami Shri Nritya Gopal Das Ji Maharaj


Shri Ram Janmbhumi tirth chetra trust Ayodhya,

Shri Krishan Janmbhumi nyas Mathura

Shri Maniram Das Chhawni,Shri Ayodhya Ji

Param Pujya
Swami Shri Kamal Nayan Das Ji Maharaj

Shri Maniram Das Chhawni,
Shri Ayodhya Ji

Swami Mahendra Das
Founder Chairman

Moral Values and social norms are fast changing. People, in general, are leaving their centuries old heritage of great culture and devotional lifestyle. SRI-Sri Ramakrishna International is born to bring glories to our legacy of matchless educational system, serving attitude to uplift masses, spreading spiritual practices to purify the society and living under the shelter of Supreme Lord and His true disciples. Swami Mahendra Das, founder chairman of SRI is leading the guidelines of Shri Ramanand Sampradaya under the direction of Param Pujya Swami Shri Kamal Nayan Das Maharaj, Successor of Shri Maniram Das Chhawni ,Shri Ayodhya ji. Swami Shri Kamal Nayan Das ji is the disciple of Vartmaan Pithadhishwar Anant Shri Vibhushit Param Pujya Swami Shri Nritya Gopal Das ji Maharaj.

SRI has appeared as one of the ripened fruit of ancient wisdom tree of Shri Ramanand Sampradaya established by Jagadguru Ramanandacharya. Jagadguru Ramanandacharya has been appeared as merciful avatar of Lord Shri Ram around 800 years back. His sole purpose was to spread the message of living truthfully as per shastras and help in making an ideal society. To serve the message of devotional and pious living, Jagadguru has prepared a strong leadership of great devotees across all sections of the community like Goswami Tulsidas, Kabirdas, Dhanna, Raidas, Meerabai, Nabhadas,Pinara, Pipa and Sena.

Activities and Objectives of SRI!

  • Opening Gurukuls to impart Vedic Education with Modern Technology
  • Forming Gaushalas to propogate Cow-Culture for welfare of the Society
  • Constructing Moral Value System in the Society to reinforce Spiritual Fabric
  • To serve Lordโ€™s Prasadam to feed infinite hungry souls as SRI Seva Prasadam
  • Becoming Health Arm of the Society by offering Medical Services
  • Taking proper initiatives to save environment by reviving water and other resources
  • Offering Hand to save humanity by providing support at the time of mishaps/calamities
  • To dress the modesty of fellow humans by donating clothes to the needy
  • To introduce Spiritual Literature in all possible media by SRI Publications

Running Projects


By regular Bhandara programs, we are feeding SRI PRASAD to thousands so that they will be elevated to next level of devotional life.


Our GAUSHALA project is real life changing program offering chance to get immense benefits for every single individual.


We are building a Knowledge Temple GURUKUL where exemplary wisdom would be the real outcome to serve the Society.

Volunteer with Sri Ramakrishna International

Become a Member

  • SRI invites all enthusiastic and aware people to lead a devotional and meaningful life by becoming our member

Become a Donor

  • SRI is running several society positive programs and charitable projects where every donation means a lot to support such life enriching service

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